Elodie Dress: Using Lightweight Weft Interfacing

Part of our Maker Guide: Closet Core Elodie Linen Dress

Your kit includes lightweight fusible weft interfacing.  I made a video for you if you’re new to weft interfacing or need a refresher!  The most important points:

  • No need to pre-rinse this interfacing - it is ready to go.
  • There’s stretch in one direction.  This is the cross-grain.  The non-stretch direction is the grain
  • Use your pattern piece to make sure your linen is exactly shaped like the pattern piece BEFORE you fuse the interfacing to it.  It’s really easy to get linen out of alignment and you want to fuse it nice and straight on the grain.
  • Use a presscloth when you interface!  If you don’t have one or don’t want to use yours for interfacing, you can use the acid-free tissue in your box as a presscloth.  
  • Hold each section without moving the iron for 15-20 seconds.  Overlap when choosing the next section.  Use lots of steam!
Elodie Interfacing Maker Guide

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