Pietra Pants & Shorts: Interfacing

Part of our Maker Guide: Closet Core Pietra Linen Shorts & Pants

In the Pietra kit, we use top-of-the-line medium-weight weft interfacing, as this interfacing has great stability for the front facing panels but won’t feel stiff.

We’ve pre-rinsed your interfacing and let it air dry to pre-shrink it. So you are ready to cut! For the grey color, the light side is the glue side (ie, the WRONG side). On white interfacing, the glue side will have more texture and be shinier.

This interfacing has a highly visible cross-grain - the visible cross grain is perpendicular to the grainline markings on your pattern pieces, as you see in the picture.  For most sizes you can fold your piece of interfacing in half to cut your pattern pieces.  Make sure the M piece is either cut on the fold or you flip and trace the mirror image of the pattern piece on the interfacing before cutting!

When you are ready to iron, bring your pieces to the ironing board and use the pattern piece to ensure that you are ironing the piece in just the right shape, as linen can get shifty!  Use your notches to ensure you are in good shape.  Trim any overlap if interfacing before you fuse so it doesn’t glue itself to the ironing board : ).

Use a presscloth to fuse.  If you like, you can use the acid-free tissue paper in your kit as a presscloth!

Use a medium-high heat setting and lots of steam.  To fuse, press directly down on one section and hold, without moving, for 15-20 seconds.  Then press a new section, overlapping your past section.  Do this until all of your fabric surface has had at least 20 seconds of fusing.

Interfacing Maker Guide Pietra

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