Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you call your shop Waxwing Sewing Studio?

Our shop is named after the Cedar Waxwing, a beautiful and unique bird that frequents my area (Seattle-area, WA, USA).  I had no idea these birds existed until I started learning to observe birds a few years ago.  The first year I became a "birder", I spent all year looking for the Cedar Waxwing in my area.  No luck.  But then one day I drove up to my driveway and right there on the curb was a cedar waxwing, looking straight at me.  Upon further exploration of my yard I realized these lovely birds lived in the trees on the side of my house, and although I had been looking all over, I had not noticed the ones right in front of me! It struck me that I was moving too fast, and missing so much good all around me in the present.  This was a milestone in my journey to learn to slow down, enjoy the present, and re-evaluate my priorities.  Ultimately, this same journey has motivated me to switch careers and create Waxwing Sewing Studio.  (And it's funny - now I see Cedar Waxwings all the time at my local parks, and the birds hang out by my studio window in the spring).

What's included in each kit?

There are two kinds of kits - full kits and refill kits.  Each full kit contains a pattern, fabric, interfacing, and any notions you need to complete one version of the pattern.  You'll also find a QR code to a project-specific Maker Guide with tips and tricks to support you as you make your garment!

Refill kits are the full kit except there is no pattern included.  These are designed for you to be able to make additional garments using the pattern you cut out in your original kit, OR, perhaps you already have the pattern and you can save a little money!

What is a Maker Guide?

Our Maker Guides are a collection of articles and videos collected specifically for each of our kits.  You'll find videos and articles on caring for your linen, prepping your linen for cutting, how to apply the specific interfacings in your kit, and other tips and tricks specific to your pattern/fabric combination.  We also include reference links to great resources on fit and techniques from the patternmaker (if there are any). When you receive your kit in the mail, you'll find your special link to the Maker Guide enclosed.

How long will it take for my kit to ship?

In general, kits will ship within 1 week of your purchase.  Holidays and sales may lengthen that timing.  You'll receive a notification once the kit ships, and the shipping time will depend on the selection you chose at checkout.  

What else will I need to make my garment?

There are a number of reusable "household items" we expect that you already have or can easily purchase.  Below is a great list of basics to have around:

  • Sewing Machine and standard feet. I created this video to help you find the best feet and foot plates from that "stash" that usually comes with a machine.  
  • Iron - you'll want one with steam capabilities and reliable heat settings.
  • Press cloth - this is to protect your iron when interfacing - if you don't have one, you can use the acid-free tissue that comes in your kit!
  • Tailor's Ham - this is to iron curved seams and is very useful for ironing finished apparel as well as apparel-under-construction.
  • Sharp scissors for cutting fabric and snipping thread.  Dressmaking shears are a great all-purpose scissor if you only want to have one.  Thread snips are also super useful.  You can get away with whatever scissors are lying around if you have a rotary cutter for the heavy-duty fabric cutting (see next bullet).
  • Although not necessary, a rotary cutter and a cutting mat will dramatically improve your fabric cutting experience and often leads to a more precise cut.  I have 2 24x36 cutting mats that I place side by side on the long side, and this will fit the width of our linen folded in half.
  • Seam Ripper - no, not the one that came with the machine 20 years ago!  Try and get a fresh seam ripper every few projects.  Ripping seams is part of the process and sharp ripper will give you (and your fabric!) a better experience.

What is your return policy?

All sales are final.  With that said, we guarantee the quality of the materials in our kits.  If you are unhappy with the quality of a material in your kit, or of course if we made a mistake in packing your kit, please let us know by contacting and we will work with you to make it right!

What if the color or pattern I want isn't available?

If the color or pattern you want is out of stock, you can choose to have a notification sent when it is back in stock.  

Can I make the same garment again?

Of course!  We offer refill kits for each kit so that you can easily make the same garment again without purchasing the pattern again.

Can I obtain just the pattern?

We don't currently offer the patterns on their own.

Do you sell fabric by the yard/meter?

We don't currently offer fabric by the yard/meter.