About Us

Welcome to Waxwing Sewing Studio!

My Journey

I started sewing 6 or 7 years ago. My daughter was in preschool, my career was in full-swing, and I was constantly trying to do everything for everybody. I never really wound down. My husband pointed out that I needed a hobby. A hobby?! When am I going to find time for a hobby! But he insisted I try SOMETHING, just to see if it helped me create little pauses and, you know, enjoy things more.

Well, I love color and I have always loved fabric. So I got a sewing machine and found a simple pattern and fabric to make a dress for my daughter. And I loved it. I loved the act of making with my hands, of creating, of putting love into something that could be worn.

So I was hooked. I started to look for beautiful fabric to make something for me! I was traveling when I found Merchant and Mills linen and patterns at a small fabric shop, and my first attempt at sewing just for myself was with the same Merchant and Mills linen that I have in my kits. It’s so special, and so special to me.

Fast forward 6 or 7 years, many local and online sewing classes, LOTS of making and much research later, and I have an almost entirely me-made wardrobe, and a real passion for slowing down, consuming less fast fashion, and making something lovely, and with love.

Waxwing is very much an extension of my experience, and my passion for creating space to take pause and MAKE. For me it’s a hobby, and also a rejection of fast consumption and unsustainable practices in the fashion world.

About Our Kits

I’ve created kits that bring together the best indie patterns with the highest quality sustainable fabrics because I know from my own experience that it can be totally intimidating - or impractical for many of us - to have to do all the research and searching and trial and error required to match a pattern you want to make with a complementary fabric, notions, interfacing, ribbing, piping, whatever is needed. Having spent 17 years in office jobs I totally get that you’re tired at the end of the day and there are many barriers to giving yourself time and space to pursue a hobby.

This is why I am focused on kits at Waxwing. My goal is to take the uncertainty and upfront planning time out of the equation, and take the risk out of fabric and pattern and notion selection, so you can focus on the journey of making your garment in a relaxed way and know you’ll end up with something beautiful.

Take as long as you want to make your kit - it’s there, ready for each step in your making journey whenever you have a little time for it. You’ll find resources we’ve collected for each kit nicely organized to help you on your way. What motivates me is sharing and enabling a joyful hobby experience, and maybe even get you as addicted to sewing and sustainable fashion as I am. Thanks for listening and best wishes with your journey!

I'm excited to share these kits with you: